Thursday, June 15, 2006

Suspend the suspender

OK, you're someone from Major League Baseball's front office and you have to suspend one of the following players for five games:

- Player from TEAM A, who hurtles a 90+ mph fastball into the back of player from TEAM B, which happens to be coasting with a lead.

- Player from TEAM B, who pitches inside -- but does not hit -- a player from TEAM A in "retalliation" and would be thrown out of that game.

Which player would you pick?

Well, the knuckleheads at MLB suspended the player from TEAM B (Randy Johnson of the New York Yankees), which I might actually understand if he actually hit the guy on TEAM A (The Cleveland Indians). But he didn't -- and he already served a suitable punishment because he was thrown out of that game.

Annoying postscript: Derek Jeter was hit with yet another pitch in today's game. I am almost positive no suspension will follow.