Monday, June 19, 2006

Strangers in the night wanna be my lover

By now, many of you Top 40 music enthusiasts have probably heard the bizarre collaboration between rapper DMC (of RUN DMC fame) and songstress Sarah McLachlan (of Lilith Fair fame) for a cover of Harry Chapin's AM Gold classic "Cat's In The Cradle" (of Ugly Kid Joe infamy). The song's fine, I guess. The only real disappointment is that they didn't call themselves DMc-Lachlan for the single.

But how'd they get together? Secret Santa drawing?

Or did they invent the coolest new way to brainstorm collaborations just a few months before I did?

1. Go to your iTunes library (or comparable music program), click the shuffle button, then press play.

2. List the first two artists, who will become the collaborators, then the third artist and that artist's third song, which will become the covered song. No cheating allowed, but you can skip an artist if you've used that artist in an earlier example. If the song you land already involves a collaboration, count them as one artist and find another to pair them with.

Here's an example, using the aforementioned song as inspiration:
DMC & Sarah McLachlan cover Harry Chapin's "Cat's In The Cradle"

3. When you're done, pick the song you'd most and least want to hear as well as the one you think would be the funniest.

Here we go!

1. Cherry Poppin' Daddies & Jars Of Clay cover R.E.M.'s "South Central Rain"
2. Lenny Kravitz & Abba cover Sting and Eric Clapton's "It's Probably Me"
3. The Muppets & No Doubt cover The Crystal Method's "Cherry Twist"
4. Randy Newman & Frank Sinatra cover La Bouche's "Be My Lover"
5. Stone Temple Pilots & Propellerheads cover Radiohead's "High And Dry"
6. Boston College Acoustics & Brian Setzer Orchestra cover
Richard Wagner's "Flight Of The Valkeries"
7. The Beatles & Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach cover Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall"
8. Linkin Park and Jay-Z & Wesley Willis cover
Foo Fighters' "My Hero"
9. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers & Smash Mouth cover Train's "Ramble On" (already a cover of the Led Zeppelin song)
10. Boston & Dave Matthews Band cover Fiona Apple's "Shadowboxer"

Song I'd most want to hear: I think the STP/Propellerheads version of "High And Dry" would be genuinely awesome.

Song I'd least want to hear: Lenny Kravitz and Abba singing "It's Probably Me." Because they'd be right. (Honorable mention goes to Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Jars Of Clay, which might be polar opposites on the sexual repression spectrum.)

Funniest song: Although the idea of Linkin Park, Jay-Z and Wesley Willis singing the Foo song would be phenomenal ("There goes my hero, you [bleepin'] jerk!"); and because the idea of The Muppets and No Doubt working together seems just a little too likely to happen; I'll have to choose the comedic gold of That Guy from "Toy Story" and Ol' Blue Eyes singing "Be My Lover." Can't you just picture Sinatra lilting the "Ya-dah-dah-dee-da-DAH-dah-dah" part?

OK, your turn. Curious to see what you got.


Bubb Rubb said...

1. Queens of the Stone Age & D12 cover Ruiner (by Nine Inch Nails)

2. Metallica & Jay-Z cover Cold, Cold Night (by the White Stripes)

3. Beck & Cypress Hill cover Come Out Ye Black and Tans (by the Wolfe Tones)

4. Propellerheads & Marilyn Manson cover Perfect Day (by Lou Reed)

5. Rammstein & N.E.R.D cover Triumph (by the Wu-Tang Clan)

1. & 4. - Too likely to happen (Manson do a cover song? No way! (Plus I think 'Perfect Day' is a cover to begin with...

2. Wow. Recreating atmospheric electric organ with a band known for subtlety (i.e., Metallica) with Jigga singing one of the few Meg White vocal tracks. I would pay money for this.

3. Wow again. Irish rebel music set to Beck's wide-open musical pallette. Although the lyrics are appropriate for B. Real and Sen Dog ("Come out ye black and tans/Why don't you fight me like a man?") The possibilities are endless. If you've ever heard "Guero,", you'd know they'd mesh well.

5. Eh. Communications problems from day one. Oddly enough, a song more suited for Rammstein's style than N.E.R.D.'s. Although, with the ODB gone, the only way to make his opening spiel more nonsensical is for it to be in German.

Chris S. said...

Agreed on all counts. Lovin' the idea of Hova and Beck collaborating with almost anybody -- in fact, those two should work together as soon as possible.

Bubb Rubb said...

Strange that I'd forget this... there is the collaboration of 3 of the above: Hove AND Beck AND Pharell... "Frontin' on Debra." It's Mash-Up remake of Beck's minor classic "Debra" ("I wanna get with you / And your sister...")

Sounded like a great idea on paper I'm sure, but in execution, it's about as goofy as the Sarah McLachlan thing.