Friday, December 09, 2005


With the first significant snowstorm of the year, I took the train to work rather than risk getting into a car accident. As I trudged through heaps of snow on my way to the office, I wondered if I actually had it better than drivers navigating similar conditions.

OK, Basketweavers... time to vote: Assuming your travels would take you 20 minutes in two to four inches of snow that would be cleared at times and clumped at others, would you rather:

1. Walk or
2. Drive?

Things to consider: Heat, Sitting, Icy patches, Accidents, Slipping, Skidding, Other people's driving, Burning calories, Cardio, The ability to make out in the back seat.

Hmm... I think I just answered my own question. Then again, there's always a third option:

3. Stay inside and watch cartoons


Rachel said...

I would stay inside, sleep and watch cartoons. especially since there is a very bad policy of salting the sidewalks here, making getting anywhere a battle with ice, slush and hopeing you dont fall on your ass

Snowed-in-and-happy said...

Hahahaha ... I watched TV and slept in. That's what happens when they "eliminate" your position ...