Thursday, December 15, 2005

Is it 2006 yet? No? ... How about now?

Too bad, because I'm ready for all four episodes of Chappelle's Show next year, thanks to this trailer that had me laughing out loud. Love the Cribs parody's T-Rex ridiculousness and sparkly garnishes.

Other things I'm looking forward to in years to come, as mentioned in my Elephant Larry Group blog post comment from October:

The Sopranos (2006) - Come ONNNNNNN already!

Yankees spring training (2006) - Featuring a roster costing an estimated $2.6 billion.

Spidey 3 (2007) - But it'll never top 1 or 2, especially since a "Wings" cast member is involved.

My marriage to Kate Bosworth (2009) - Although she's more excited about it than I am.


A day without Bubba is like a day without sunshine said...

I can't wait to see Bubba again. I miss him. ;)