Friday, December 02, 2005

My only case for the Second Amendment

The Baseball Gun.

Ooooh! I want one. Not to fire baseballs at anyone's head, but just to have mounted on the wall and admire.

Wellllll, maybe I'd use it to fling whiffle balls at people. Or to run beer-league batting practice with it (but not while under the influence). Or to launch rotten produce at hack comedians.

So how did I find this thing? While referencing a recent blog post, I was explaining to my friend Rachael about how Google Images easily helped me find a picture of a guy firing a gun while holding a football, using only football and gun as criteria; that pic was the first result. After explaining this, Rachael told me that hockey and gun didn't come up with anything nearly as cool. But boy, oh boy, did baseball and gun ever!


Word verification makes me giggle said...

Unlike iPods, you cannot buy cute clothes for your baseball gun ... there are no accessories for it (just click on the homepage link for accessory). This makes me sad. :(