Wednesday, January 07, 2009

AD WIZARDS: 'Wire' actors resort to consulting with Diddy, singing and dancing about gambling

I got into "The Wire" very late in its run. I caught the final season, raved about it, then, in an inspired fit, NetFlix'd the first four seasons and smoked through 'em like Omar and a pack of Newports.

But I noticed a disturbing trend in the months that followed. Instead of landing the starring roles they deserve in major motion pictures, some of the actors on what might be the greatest series in TV history have instead been hawking various goods and services. And while I certainly don't hold it against them, it's a bummer to say the least.

Three examples immediately come to mind.

Lance Reddick (Deputy Commissioner Cedric Daniels) for Cadillac

Tough-as-nails Daniels had to deal with a maniacal McNulty in Season 5 while trying to keep his sordid past out of the papers:

But he was evidently still cheery enough to channel his inner Santa:

Jim True-Frost (Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski) For Burger King
Haunted by the way his career ended with the police department, Prezbo tried to find redemption as a teacher. When one of his former students dropped out of school and sought help, Prez reluctantly offered his assistance. The result was a painful reality, delivered with nuance and heart by Frost.

Less nuanced was his question about what he should tell the masses about Burger King. Although video evidence of his appearance is tough to come by (he admits to doing the commercial here), Diddy's reply is:

David Costabile (Managing Editor Thomas Klebanow) for Mohegan Sun
Costabile's hard-nosed character was in denial about overwhelming evidence that his star reporter was fabricating the news. (Language NSFW)

So I suppose he had no choice but to get away and blow off some steam -- and his kids' college savings -- at the Sun. While singing and dancing, of course.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if "Wire" creator David Simon were sitting in a closet, offering advice to old ladies and preparing to dance all night long.


Anonymous said...


But Costabile is also Mel's husband on Flight of the Conchords. That's gotta cancel out any crappy Mohegan ad.

Chris Serico said...

Absolutely true, Anony. And Reddick is fun to see pop up on "Fringe" and "Lost," too. But it doesn't make their commercial appearances any less jarring.

Eugene said...

i guess hbo shows pay as much as newspapers.