Sunday, April 08, 2007

MySpace: Forcing bulletin readers to reply or kill

Ever read a MySpace bulletin? When you're done, just beneath the text sit two buttons:

• Reply To Poster
• Delete From Friends

True, you could always keep scrolling down, or scroll back up, to click links that would give you alternate options. But I like the idea that your friends' seemingly benign words, displayed in bulletin form, potentially could terminate your (online) friendship.

After all, if said (written?) words have merit on any level, why wouldn't you want to reply with a "Yes, I'd love to see your band!" or a "Wow, that sux about ur bf"? (Perhaps even with full words! Spelled correctly!)

And, subliminally, perhaps MySpace is encouraging posters to think wisely about what they post -- lest an angry/sleep-deprived/bored "Friend" decide that their musings are not just unimportant, but so awful that the only logical action is to completely remove them from HisSpace/HerSpace.

Mr. Darwin, I believe you and MySpace have been acquainted. The Top Friends function already exudes "survival of the fittest."