Thursday, August 25, 2005

Saturday Might Live

The same day I apply for tickets for the upcoming Saturday Night Live season, The Apiary (a superfun happy comedy blog) is all abuzz about rumors* involving the new SNL cast. The Apiary previously cited an article that reported that, following what many critics and hard-core fans considered to be a lackluster season, Lorne Michaels personally was on the prowl for new talent, rather than doling that responsibility out to underlings.

Oct. 1 marks the premiere of SNL's 30th season. Hope for great things. Like the Gene Frenkel-Queens of the Stone Age cowbell moment. (Warning: Immediate sound. Headphones recommended.)

*The Apiary emphasizes that these are just rumors, so I will be sure to state the same.


Rach said...

Saturday Night Live and I were born in the same year? Freaky!