Thursday, August 04, 2005

His mission: Make once-hot starlet hot again.

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan got my memo. Best of luck to personal trainer Justin Gelband. No pressure or anything. (Via Sports Guy Intern)

Oh, and Linds, since you're taking notes, please abandon the unflattering blonde look and return to the awesome red hair. Because, you know, I'm obviously a beacon of trendsetting style. On, like, catwalks and billboards and stuff.


+.VampGoth_Angel.+ said...

I'm so totally agree with you. I absolutely love Lindsay Lohan. BEFORE!..that is.

She use to look so sexy and different. Now....duh!!!!! What's happening to her. The skinny and blonde look on her, just don't make her look flattering. Looking so ordinary maybe even worse than ordinary.

She like saying:"hai...I'm just like the rest of the bimbo star."