Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spotted: Clive Owen in Grand Central Terminal

To be fair, Mr. Owen (in the suit, partially obscured by the man with the bald spot) was filming a scene this morning for the movie "Duplicity," so he wasn't exactly inconspicuous.

I've never been so content to wait 40 minutes for a train.

Security was tight but I was able to snag a peak at the monitors to see multiple takes of one uncut scene, slickly filmed with a crane: At first focused on the clock in the middle of the concourse, the crane's mounted camera swooped and zoomed in on Owen, who strode past the clock; as he came to a halt, the camera sank even lower to the ground and focused on his hand, which flicked a dangling trinket of some sort -- a pocket watch attached to a fob, maybe? -- into his palm. And ... scene!

Also in this movie's killer cast, but not seen by me on site: Julia Roberts, Billy Bob Thornton, Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson, the last two of whom respectively played the title character and Ben Franklin in the HBO miniseries "John Adams."

Here's the "Duplicity" plot synopsis, according to "A pair of corporate spies (Owen and Roberts) who share a steamy past hook up to pull off the ultimate con job on their respective bosses." It's slated for a March 20 release. Count me in.


sometimeslisa said...

Oh, would that I were the woman who gets to hook up with Clive Owen.

Damn bald guy.