Friday, August 18, 2006

It's time to play everybody's favorite new game, 'Warning? Or Brand Name?'

On Monday night in New York City, I witnessed the following word forged into a nameplate on the headrest of a man's wheelchair:


Unsettling to say the least, and confusing in its message. Was the handicapped man pleading for karma and/or the victim of it? Were the people walking behind him being warned not to interrupt his path?

Turns out, it was the make of the wheelchair, proving yet again that the mind of an English-Communication double major often can make a left at Basic Reasoning and crash into Overanalysis.


Anonymous said...

Karma!?? What a wacky name for a wheelchair! Actually, I love it, although I wouldn't be surprised if the name was given unintentionally just because it 'sounded cool' by some dude.
You should make an addition to this blog that includes other possible wheelchair names--I bet you could think of some clever ones.